Finding Meaning: The Sixth Stage of Grief by David Kessler – For Your Consideration Best Spoken Word Grammy.

For your GRAMMY® consideration

Finding Meaning: The Sixth Stage of Grief
by David Kessler
GRAMMY® for Best Spoken Word Album

Author & Narrator David Kessler

Directed by GRAMMY® nominee, Travis Tonn


“I love hearing David talk, his voice is like Chamomile tea. Finding Meaning was fascinating…Thank you David for all that you do.”
Gloria Estefan, 3x GRAMMY® Award Winner
“David Kessler invites us all to live our lives more fully… He shows us the process of finding profound meaning in the face of darkness, loss and depression no matter the cause of our grief… ”
Jennifer Holliday Singer/Actress 2x GRAMMY® & Tony® Award Winner

“During a painful loss, many beg for a sign to cope, search for guidance to deal and David gives you the handbook to continue to live life. So take a breath and soak it up”
Vanessa Williams, 11x GRAMMY® nominee

“David’s words and wisdom have helped me immeasurably with the loss of my parents. He is an invaluable guide and mentor in my life.”
Will Reeve, ABC News Correspondent,
Son of Christopher Reeve

“Kessler points out, suffering ‘is what our mind does to us,’ and it can be mitigated by finding meaning in what we’ve lost.”
The New York Times

“Finding Meaning is Kessler’s poignant response to society’s insensitivity.”
Los Angeles Times

“Excellent … Anyone who has lost a loved one will find solace in Kessler’s comforting words.”
Publishers Weekly

Below you will find some audio clips from the book

David’s Shoes

Life doesn’t owe us

Joe Biden

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