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Nancy M Gordon, LCSW, CLC

Owner Nancy Gordon Global
Work PO Box 601784 San Diego CA 92160 United States Work Phone: (858) 952-0936 Cell Phone: 858-472-5722 Messenger: @nancygordonglobal Website: Psychology Today profile

Professional Certifications and Licenses

Licensed Clinical Social Worker

Certified Life Coach

Services Offered

Transformational Grief Expert

All types of  human and pet grief in all its stages. Specializing in Pet Loss and Anticipatory Grief, which is an opportunity to have a healing closure for everyone including the pet, filled with sweet memories.

Grief counseling has been one of the most fundamental parts of Nancy’s clinical practice because grief is a universal life experience. No one goes through life without experiencing loss, starting with the birthing experience (whoops out of that safe womb and into the world!) and finally with the dying experience of letting go of your life and loved ones!

The initial consultation is complimentary. Individual and group grief coaching via Telehealth live video and groups are facilitated via a  software program, which includes a  private, secure membership site.

Specializing in Anticipatory grief, (grief that occurs on subtle and not so subtle levels while the pet is still alive, but the parting is foreseeable) and also planning the “lift up.” when necessary, and healing the grief that follows. In addition to working with clients, Nancy knows first-hand the depth of the human/animal bond and the grief we experience when that bond is broken in the physical realm. She learned how devastating it can be when she faced the heartbreak of letting go of both her service dogs, Toaster, age 17 and Pink, age 14 within 9 months of each other.

Nancy developed a system of transformation challenges into triumphs called 7 Steps of Hope and Healing. Gifted at using her own experience to help you not just get through the grief, Nancy teaches you how to use this journey as a vehicle for personal growth and improving human relationships and future losses. This type of grief work, called Transformative Grief, leads us to the blessings, the gifts, the lessons, and the wisdom of the loss, and offers us the resilience to rise like a “phoenix from the ashes” and evolve emotionally, mentally and spiritually.

From the time there is a serious inkling of impending loss to the life defining moment when they are “lifted up” (“put down”/euthanasia) or your beloved pet crosses Rainbow Bridge on their own, there’s the heartbreaking experience of losing your pet and then the gut wrenching process of healing the grief the follows.

Nancy is gifted at helping you not just get through the grief, but teaching you how to use this journey through grief as a vehicle for personal growth. This type of grief work, called Transformative Grief, leads us to the blessings, the gifts, the lessons, and the wisdom of the loss, and offers us the resilience to rise like a “phoenix from the ashes” and evolve emotionally, mentally and spiritually. Nancy added a 6th stage of grief to Kubler Ross’s model: HOPE! Hope is what allows you to move beyond just acceptance and evolve your soul through the grief experience and experience resilience as a result.


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PO Box 601784 San Diego CA 92160 United States

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