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Suzanne Gassner

Work 10 Crecienta Lane Sausalito CA 94965 United States Business: 415-331-9983

Professional Certifications and Licenses


Years of practice: 30+

Schools:  The City College of New York, Syracuse University and The San Francisco Psychoanalytic Institue (SFPI)

Year Graduated from SFPI: 1988

California Psychology License No. PSY4908

Member of the San Francisco Research Group beginning in 1975

Associate adjunct professor, Psychology Department, U. of California/Berkeley


Services Offered

I am a psychodynamic psychotherapist which means that usually I help grieving clients fully experience their  loss and relevant intense feelings of grief, and sometimes of anger and relief too.  I also help grieving clients understand the thoughts and beliefs they may have that are relevant to their pain, such as a beliefs involving guilt for being the survivor of a child, life partner or parent,  or beliefs that involve some other sort of self-blame.  The  profound grief that a bereaved client may feel occasionally leads to a client wanting to review earlier intense experiences of immense loss and sadness. More commonly grief counselling involves solely a focus on the present experiences of unimaginable loss, emptiness, and the on-going yearning for reunion with a loved one.  From working with others, I have learned that your  experience of loss will be distinctive, based on the nature and circumstances of your loss, in combination with any other major losses you experienced throughout your life.
I view my task as that of creating a safe,  non-judgmental, collaborative space in which our relationship develops.  I give importance to listening carefully to all the details of your current life, and the related feelings and thoughts you may have. I will do my best to earn your trust and I appreciate that you may be coming to see me because it feels unimaginable that your wound will ever lessen.  I also respect the fact that the death of a loved one will always remain an important part of your life and your identity.  Finally, I consider it helpful  to provide you encouragement to tell me about any responses I had that diminished your sense that I was understanding you.  I believe that you will be the co-counselor, and that you will know better than anyone else how best I might attend to your wounds.
I typically work with grieving clients  1x or 2x a week, but I work out additional meetings based on what clients seek. I am happy to work with people who periodically need to leave town, and I explore with them whether or not phone sessions will be helpful.
Call Suzanne M.  Gassner for a free consultation  – (415) 331-9983

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