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Who and What You See Near Death

Who and what you see before you die? White lights, brain surges or something more? Dr Oz interviews Anita Moorjani and Dale Reppert who describes who and what they saw and felt in their near death experience. Then, grief expert David Kessler explains the theories behind these types of experiences.

Feeling the Presence of Lost Loved Ones

Feeling the presence of loved ones? Is it normal to feel a loved ones presence after they died? David and Dr Oz discuss the question.

Visions, Trips, and Crowded Rooms: Who and What You See Before You Die

David Kessler takes on three uniquely shared experiences that challenge our ability to explain and fully understand the mystery of our final days. The first is “visions.” As the dying lose sight of this world, some people appear to be looking into the world to come. The second shared experience is getting ready for a “trip.” The phenomenon of preparing oneself for a journey isn’t new or unusual. In fact, during our loved ones’ last hours, they may often think of their impending death as a transition or journey. These trips may seem to us to be all about leaving, but for the dying, they may be more about arriving. Finally, the third phenomenon is “crowded rooms.”

The dying often talk about seeing a room full of people, as they constantly repeat the word crowded. In truth, we never die alone. Just as loving hands greeted us when we were born, so will loving arms embrace us when we die. In the tapestry of life and death, we may begin to see connections to the past that we missed in life.
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