Healing with David Kessler

I have learned that talking is healing and I am excited to share this free conversation with the mainstream. I hope you will join me and some very special guests in the ongoing discussion about healing from the pain of grief and trauma.

Join me as we explore ways to focus on the power of our own healing from grief, trauma, and life’s disappointments. What we resist pursues us, what we face transforms us.

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Why Talk about Grief?
Join David Kessler in This Premier Episode

Confronting grief can be messy, painful, and a lot of times, it can feel optional. Why provoke your deepest, wildest emotions — the ones that make you feel like you’ve… read more →

Dr. Laura Berman on Unprocessed Grief & Trauma in the Body

When grief seeps into our bodies, it’s not uncommon to want to shut down. Sometimes, it might even be necessary. But today, Dr. Laura Berman — relationship therapist, radio and… read more →

Alex Warren on Turning Pain into Purpose

From sleeping in his car to social media stardom — 21-year-old Alex Warren has a phenomenal success story! And yet there’s a lot happening behind the scenes. Today he opens… read more →

Craig Melvin on Addiction, Intervention & the Loss of a Sibling

How do we begin to hold not only our own pain, but the pain of our families and communities? Today, David speaks with journalist and Today Show anchor Craig Melvin,… read more →

Ashley Judd on Mental Illness, Her Mother’s Death & The Importance of Grief Support

Nobody’s grief process looks exactly the same. It’s personal, specific, and often, private — which is why today’s tender conversation is such a privilege. David speaks with actress and activist… read more →

Releasing the Guilt of Grief

In our experiences of grief, guilt can play an outsized role. So today, David speaks to two members of his online grief group, Tender Hearts, who are both deeply immersed… read more →

Tyler Henry on Continuing Connections in Grief & The Afterlife

How many of us have wished for some sense of connection after the loss of a loved one? We hope that our bonds continue and that death doesn’t end a… read more →

Dr. Edith Eger on Love, Suffering, and Liberation

How do you rebuild your life after the unimaginable? This week, David is speaking with Dr. Edith Eger, a psychologist, best-selling author, and Holocaust survivor with depths of wisdom to… read more →

Will Reeve on Childhood Grief & Deliberate Healing

Will Reeve, news correspondent for Good Morning America/ABC News and the son of Dana and Christopher Reeve (who many of us know as the iconic Superman actor), joins David to… read more →

Marianne Williamson on Showing Up & Living Deeply

Our personal apocalypses and our collective grief — these are the topics of today’s incredible conversation between David and Marianne Williamson, the best-selling author, and spiritual teacher. They begin with… read more →

What to Say to Grieving Friends & Family

In tender times, how do we find the right words to say to our loved ones who are grieving? How might we advocate for ourselves in times of our own… read more →

William Shatner on Grief, Growth, and Going to Space

David sits down with William Shatner to talk about job loss, addiction, divorce, and — because this is the legendary Captain Kirk, after all — outer space. Bill is no… read more →

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