Grief Certified Peer-to-Peer.

Karen Nadel

Work Cresskill NJ 07626 United States Work Phone: 646-450-0995 Website: Thrive Psychological Center

Professional Certifications and Licenses

Clinical Psychologist Licensed in NY and NJ

Services Offered

I am a licensed clinical psychologist that works with teens, adults, and families in a solution focused capacity. I treat a range of problems, including anxiety and depression, specializing in sleep issues, identity, self-image issues, postpartum, grief, and life transitions. I have been practicing in the field for 20 years, having worked at inpatient, outpatient, and on university campuses. I also specialize in the training of psychology doctoral and mental health students.

Currently, I am providing telehealth services in NY and NJ. I work with individuals, groups, families, and in parent training, as well as provide graduate student supervision and trainings.

You may be looking to address a specific challenging situation, are experiencing pandemic related mental health issues, or are even courageously looking to work on long standing issues that are impeding your ability to live up to your optimal self. I can partner with you towards your goals of healing, growth, and well-being, allowing you to thrive in your life. Using a personalized and scientifically proven approach to your issues, we can navigate treatment together through obstacles towards your pathway to growth.

Life can be challenging. You are brave to start considering your journey towards healing.

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Cresskill NJ 07626 United States

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