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Angela M Swirski

Work 680 Wooster Street Naugatuck CT 06770 United States Work Phone: 2037233454

Professional Certifications and Licenses

Marriage & Family TherapistLMFT

Services Offered

As a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, I aim to create a safe space that promotes personal growth and encourages individuals to focus on making positive changes within themselves. I am able to create a non-judgmental space where individuals can freely express their problems or concerns without fear of being met with disapproval or rejection. What truly ignites my passion is working with young adults, teenagers, adolescents, and children. I believe in the power of helping and guiding individuals during their formative years.
I provide family and individual therapeutic services to help my clients navigate through trauma, depression, and anxiety. I assist my clients in acquiring coping strategies for behavioral and emotional regulation, working through grief, or supporting healthy transitions. I have experience in supporting families, young adults, teenagers, adolescents, and children.
My passion is to assist my clients in finding the much-needed balance and harmony that will contribute to their overall well-being. I understand the unique dynamics and challenges that individuals and families face and I am committed to providing the guidance and support needed to navigate through them.

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