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Gillian Anne Semple

Grief Educator/Living End Doula/Kambo Practitioner/Integration Guide/Grief Movement Guide
Work Stratford Ontario N5A 5S6 Canada Work Phone: 226 753 1703 Website: Kambo Practitioner

Professional Certifications and Licenses



David Kessler – Grief Educator

Paul Denniston – Grief Movement Guide

End of Life Doula – Douglas College

Kambo Practitioner – IASP (Ontario & Quebec – Canada)


Services Offered

I offer an active listening service as a Grief Educator & Grief Movement Guide in person and online to professionals in health and death care, first responders, caregivers and to those having difficulty expressing grief of a loved and people experiencing a divorce and/or job loss. My work as a LivingEndDoula supports people needing assistance with funeral arrangements, resources, legacy projects, eulogies, memorial planning, and supporting executors decluttering and closing an estate – property and contents. 

Grief Expression is a FREE event on the Southwestern Ontario Death Doula Network on MeetUp. Join me and others every Wednesday & Sunday 7 pm EST in a safe space for people to express grief, form connections with others, and discover meaning from loss. Kind donations emailed to support my work with others in grief and the cost of Zoom & MeetUp spaces. Your support is much appreciated. 

I am also a Kambo Practitioner. Kambo/Sapo is derived from the secretion from the skin of a phyllomedusa bicolor frog found in Peru. The powerful peptides contained in Kambo are bioactive, anti-microbial, anti-viral, and assists in addiction recovery and boosts the immune system. Kambo has been used by the Matse Indians for thousands of years as a natural medicine that detoxes the mind, body, and spirit. 

But how can Kambo assist people in grief? Kambo unlocked and released the grief I held for my father after many years. And after working with clients, I’ve witnessed how kambo can transform people’s lives physically, spiritually and mentally.  Alleviating emotional burdens allows one to be more at peace. Kambo is the trilogy of healing the mind, body and spirit. (   

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Stratford Ontario N5A 5S6 Canada

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