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Julia K. Morin

Work Nashua NH United States Website: Linktree

Professional Certifications and Licenses

Grief Resource Directory Certified Provider
Claire Bidwell Smith – Grief and Loss Comprehensive Training Program

Certified Grief Educator
David Kessler Training/

Grief Support Specialist Certificate
University of Wisconsin–Madison

Services Offered

Julia Morin is a writer, a Certified Grief & Loss Provider, Certified Grief Educator and Grief Support Specialist, and the face behind the Instagram community @girl_meets_grief, which she launched over Mother’s Day weekend in 2021.

Julia is a childhood grief survivor who lost her mother suddenly and tragically 27 years ago when she was eight years old — less than one week after Mother’s Day — and has experienced a number of other losses in her life.

She is fiercely passionate about normalizing conversations and ending the stigma around grief, as she continues to navigate the various manifestations of this significant early loss in her own life. She is especially passionate about work around mother loss and childhood loss, as a result of her lived experiences. Her approach to grief support is rooted in the belief that grief, like love, lasts forever — and while we never “get over” it or “move on,” we can learn to move forward with it, live alongside it, and integrate it into our lives.

Having recently completed her third grief certification, Julia plans to start taking on 1:1 grief support coaching clients as well as facilitating grief support groups.

Julia’s writing on grief and mental health has been published by ‘Chicken Soup for the Soul’, ‘The Mighty’ and ‘The Manifest-Station’ among others, and she has been a guest on podcasts including ‘Got Grief,’ ‘How to Grieve’ and ‘Daughters Without Moms.’

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