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Miki Goerdt

License Clinical Social Worker and Art Therapist Emerald Leaf Counseling
Work 5275 Lee Hwy #104 Arlington VA 22207 United States Work Phone: 703-829-6350 Website:

Professional Certifications and Licenses

Licensed Clinical Social Worker–Virginia

Registered Art Therapist–Provisional

Services Offered

Individual therapy

Art therapy sessions


My specialties are the following—–


  •  Depression, anxiety, and grief

Depression and anxiety make us feel like we are not in charge of our own lives. When this happens, we feel lost and wonder if we can ever feel better. These symptoms can also happen to us when we experience losses in life. I want you to know you can feel better—-and you don’t have to do this work of “figuring out” alone. In counseling, we will work on getting a better understanding of how your unhelpful thoughts trap you in negative feelings. You will get better ideas on what and how to change, in order to manage them well. If what you are experiencing are related to losses, we will work on finding the meaning of your losses together in our session.

  • Treatment for Seniors/older adults

With the background in medical social work, I have a keen understanding on how medical conditions and mental health affect each other. I provide support as you experience mood problems, overwhelming life events (e.g. loss, medical illnesses), aging issues, caregiver stress, and balancing responsibilities. I welcome you if you are having depression and/or anxiety along with medical conditions such as cancer, heart condition, COPD, physical disabilities, blindness, and dementia.

  • Art Therapy

Some clients come to talk with me. Some clients come to make art with me. Some do both. If talk therapy didn’t work for you, you may benefit from art therapy. Sometimes what we feel and think are too difficult to put into words. In art therapy, we look inside of ourselves through images and symbols. More information about art therapy can be found here:

  • Immigrants/minority individuals & acculturation issues

Being an immigrant/minority myself, I welcome individuals with various ethnicity and minority backgrounds. Moving between countries/cultures creates a unique set of challenges. So does being a minority in this country. I strive to create a safe place for you, as you talk about what it’s to be like you in this country.  Our session can be in English or Japanese.

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5275 Lee Hwy #104 Arlington VA 22207 United States

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