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Rosa Linda Cruz

Licensed Professional Counselor
Work TX United States Work Phone: 9562531835 Website: Counseling & Wellness Services

Professional Certifications and Licenses

Licensed Professional Counselor, Grief Educator, School Counselor & M.Ed.

Services Offered

TeleHealth Only/ Adult-Individual Sessions / Texas
Your Journey of Life may require you to seek a Support system during Challenging times, Loss, and Hardships.
Do you have Overwhelming Body Sensations? Emotional Distress? Disruptive Symptoms as a result from an upsetting life event? EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing) is an evidence based and effective form of psychotherapy that can be used to help address these concerns. Additional modalities may include Mindfulness, Behavioral & Cognitive Techniques.

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LCSW (619) 273-0527
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Dr. Nichole Vincent

Licensed Clinical Psychologist 5127900183
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Jennifer Misigaro

Licensed Professional Counselor 469-613-8589
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Micah S. Moore

Licensed Professional Counselor 832-266-5971
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Muriah N Fox

Licensed Professional Counselor 3609816516
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Dr Mel McGee

Pastoral Counselor 480-618-7803

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Leslie Kleyweg

Licensed Professional Counselor Associate (supervised by Dr. Nancy Thomas, LPC-S) 832 519 8779

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