Script Consultation – Life’s Most Dramatic Moment

Our script consultation service to improve the accuracy and the sensitivity of portrayal of terminal illness, death and pain in film and television. All of our script consultations are directed by contributing writer and Grief expert David Kessler.

Taking a realistic look at the terminally ill, their families, their caregivers – both professional and nonprofessional – and the decisions they face as the end nears gives rise to a multitude of dramatic stories. Writers can take death out of the shadows, help people understand their choices, and make profound changes in people’s lives. Some of the situations people face at the end-of-life, all with the ingredients of compelling drama are:

• Care for a dying family member that leaves the survivors physically, emotionally and financially bankrupt.
• Treating dying as a strictly medical event, with too little attention to patients’ and families’ psychological and spiritual needs.
• Doctors who regard death as a defeat for medical science and a personal failure, rather than an inevitable part of life.
• The low priority of pain and symptom control in hospitals and nursing homes, where most people die.
• Inadequate pain control due to myths and misunderstandings. Some palliative care doctors would say pain can “always” be controlled, even though it is controlled less than half the time!
• Caregiving by family members and friends – an invaluable, but undervalued gift and overwhelming responsibility.
• The reality of the “sandwich generation” – growing numbers of Baby Boomers who are caring for both children AND parents, who often live several states away.
• Denial and avoidance. People rarely talk about the kind of care they want, which reduces the chance they will get it and increase their loved ones’ burdens.

By revealing accurately how badly dying is often handled and how well it can be done, entertainment media can help reach more people than my books ever will.

A service for scriptwriters, producers, researchers and others with issues of terminal illness, chronic pain and death in their storyline. Most consultations are free in order to raise the bar on the way end of life is portrayed on the TV and the Screen.

David Kessler can also provide:

• Authorative information and guidance
• Access to hands-on experts in many specialties
• Real life examples of different cultural attitudes toward terminal illness
• Access to visit working hospices and talk with the dying and their loved ones.

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For more information concerning our Script Review Services, we invite you to use the form located on the Contact Us page. To contact David Kessler directly, please do so via email at

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