Grief after a death by suicide.

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When we lose a loved one to suicide, it feels like we will never be the same. And in truth, we won’t be. The grief will always be there, but we can heal and begin to build a life of love around the loss.

This online course is designed for anyone who has lost a loved one to suicide.
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Grief After Loss of a Loved one to Suicide

In our society, we often don’t talk openly about grief surrounding loss of a loved one to suicide.

And yet, suicide is becoming epidemic.

A recent CDC report reveals the prevalence suicide in society.

We do touch upon a discussion surrounding cultural references to suicide such as when a celebrity or famous person dies by suicide. We also are able to talk about the aftermath of suicide in the format of story such as in the Television series, 13 Reasons and the Broadway musical, Dear Evan Hansen. It is sometimes easier to talk about suicide in the distant abstract or in the form of narrative than when it happens in the lives and families of people we know and love.

The grief that follows death by suicide can be extremely isolating people often have to face the “what-ifs”, questions, confusion and stigma surrounding the loss. People who lose a loved one to suicide often get a lot less support than those who have loved ones die by other causes.

It’s important to offer the same compassionate and loving support to someone in grief after a loved one dies by suicide as you would in the case of any other loss. Talk about the person who died by suicide with the same loving and supportive words that we would share when someone dies by any other cause.

When we talk about death by suicide, we want to avoid words that criminalize suicide. The appropriate term is death by suicide and not committed suicide or successful suicide. When someone dies by suicide it is a personal tragedy and not a criminal event or a success of any sort. We wouldn’t want to talk about about death by suicide in any way that we would speak of death by any other disease or trauma.

“Life ends, but love is eternal.” – David Kessler

Please note:

Nothing in this pertains to how we treat those who are having suicidal thoughts. This page is strictly about helping those in grief after a loved one dies by suicide.

National Suicide Prevention Lifeline

Call 1-800-273-8255 -Available 24 hours everyday


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