Grief Certified Coach.

Ms Celia J Conrad

Your Relationship Guru + Grief Educator
Work London London SW7 3SS United Kingdom Website: Your Relationship Guru

Professional Certifications and Licenses

Grief Educator Certification: Certificate ID 105451

Services Offered

I offer coaching services for all forms of personal loss, whether that be grieving the loss of a loved one, the break-up of a relationship – divorce or other relationship breakdown including estrangement, loss of a career or the loss of a beloved family pet.

The whole area of grief is interconnected with divorce, relationship break-up and any of life’s other personal losses. If you are suffering with the pain of losing a loved one and feeling lost or uncertain about you future you are not alone. I am able to support you.

When we are going through a divorce or break-up, we have to make a number of key decisions. It is ironic that, particularly in the early stage of a divorce or break-up where we need to be emotionally strong and able to make these important decisions about our future and the future of our children, we will be at our most vulnerable emotionally. The fact is it is very difficult to make rational decisions when we are in a high state of anxiety and feeling emotionally charged. Support during this time to help decrease the intensity of emotion and to shed clarity on the situation will make it easier for you to deal with overwhelm and stress and to make strategic decisions.


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London London SW7 3SS United Kingdom

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