Grief Certified Coach.

Christina Gill-Lindsey

Grief Educator
Work Winthrop ME 04364 United States Website: Nurturing Ourselves Through Grief

Professional Certifications and Licenses

  • Certified Grief Educator by David Kessler

  • B. S. Mental Health and Human Services

  • Mental Health Rehabilitaiton Technician/Community, MHRT/C Certification

  • Maine Teaching Certification in Health Education

  • Community Mediation Service Certification

Services Offered

Chris is a health and wellness educator specializing in grief. She combinines personal experience, knowledge, and skills she learned after the sudden and unexpected losses of her adult daughter and mother and the timely death of her father. As an adoptee, she recognizes grief associated with members of adoption triads (adoptee, adopted parents, and birth parents).

Chris created “Nurturing Ourselves Through Grief” which focuses on how grief affects all domains of health and how we can find a path to wellness while still honoring our grief. As a grief educator, Chris:

  • offers one-on-one support for those in grief and those who want to support them

  • educates others on how grief affects 8 dimensions of wellness (physical, intellectual, emotional, social, spiritual, financial,  occupational, and environmental) and guides grievers on their journey to wellness

  • believes people need support and skill development to more effectively heal places in the domains they choose to work on

  • provides supportive information such as affirmations, tips, and insights on ways to cope with and tend to grief on her Facebook and Instagram pages.

Grief absolutely affects our minds and bodies. We need care!

If you would like to learn more, please contact Chris at:


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