Grief Certified Coach.

Lisa Carol Whitehouse

Certified Grief Educator Peer to Peer
Work Waterford CT 06385 United States Cell Phone: 8602357132

Professional Certifications and Licenses

Certified Grief Educator Peer to Peer

Companion Animal End of Life Doula

Shoden & Animal Reiki Level I –  Let Animal Lead Method

Okuden & Animal Reiki Level II – Let Animal Lead Method

Practitioner of Excellence 2021 – Let Animals Lead Method

Services Offered

Offering Peer to Peer support with Disenfranchised Grief /Pet Loss/Mental Health/Suicide/Addiction.

Services both in person and through Zoom.

I am a retired Law Enforcement Officer . My life experience has given me the wisdom and knowledge to offer support in disenfranchised grief as well as grief associated with mental health, suicide and addiction. I am also a caretaker to a family member with mental health.

I am a Companion Animal End of Life Doula offering services/resources to support you and your family during your animal’s transition/dying. I can assist with creating a beautiful end of life service, memorial and burial. I am an Animal Reiki Practitioner trained in the Let Animals Lead Method of Animal Reiki, Created by Kathleen Prasad and Animal Reiki Source. This unique method of reiki is based on 6 pillars. Three of these pillars are ; always ask the animal’s permission to share reiki space with them, always allowing them to choose how they receive, seeing their beautiful perfection in the moment not their illness.

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