Grief Certified Coach.

Miss Maggie M Bauer

Bachelor of Science, Certified Grief Recovery Specialist
Work Taylors Falls MN 55074 United States Cell Phone: 952-237-8719 Website: MBGriefRecovery

Professional Certifications and Licenses

Bachelor of Science from Colorado State University

Equine Assisted Growth and Learning – Equine specialist from 2010-2016

Certified Grief Recovery Specialist from the Grief Recovery Institute 2013-current

Bereaved Sibling facilitator for The Compassionate Friends 2017-current

Bereaved Sibling facilitator for Brighter Days Family Grief Center 2019-current

Certified Grief Educator from David Kessler training – 2023-current

Services Offered

Maggie works with groups and individuals who want to intentionally grieve a loss of a loved one, including a pet. Maggie offers educational classes on a 32 acre hobby farm with chickens, cattle and horses. If you believe being nature has healing powers on its own, this is the right fit for you. Maggie will taylor the sessions to your individual needs and losses. Maggie’s goal is to help you move beyond surviving a loss, into thriving and participating full in your life. Maggie’s journey beyond the pain of loss has been a life long one. She had a significant amount of loss including influential people and loved pets. The most traumatic death was of her beloved big bother and only sibling when he died by suicide in 2012.

She has found many different modalities to help on her lifelong healing journey and she would like to share some of them with you.

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