Grief Certified Coach.

Tommy Carreras

Grief Educator and
Work Franklin TN 37064 United States Cell Phone: (815) 474-1758 Website: Schedule a Clarity Call Website: Grief Educator Services

Professional Certifications and Licenses

Certified Grief Education by David Kessler and

Trained Relapse Prevention Coach (Genesis Process)

Trained Critical Incident Stress Management (CISM) Chaplain

Trained ChurchOS Activator (Intentional Churches)

Ordained Pastor and Ministry Coach

Services Offered

I’m committed to giving you a completely safe space to navigate the complex emotions that come with grief, helping you identify the damage loss has left behind, and moving forward toward meaning and healing.

•  Virtual or in-person (Franklin TN)
•  Specialties in disrupted adoption, miscarriage, prolonged grief, religious trauma, and estranged relationships
•  Options for grievers and also those struggling to support loved ones stuck in grief

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Grief has become a nearly untouchable topic in our culture, and we are struggling because of it. It should be a powerful way we connect deeply with one another, but instead, it has become more isolating and damaging than ever before. I want to equip your church or organization with a toolkit for navigating grief personally and supporting one another faithfully. 

•  Customized trainings for pastoral staff, lay leaders, managers, employees, etc.
•  Messages and talks on making sense of grief as a Christian, the power of grief to heal past wounds, and grief as a unique opportunity for true connection
•  Ministry coaching around how grief support, programs, and trainings fit within your church, organization, or business

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Trauma-Informed Discipleship Coaching
Grief inflames old wounds and exposes things in our hearts that we may not have seen before. But courageously facing our grief can also be one of the pathways toward real healing. I helped create a 6-step process that will help you expose and repair your Corrupted Beliefs – the self-destructive mental maps that we’ve learned to protect ourselves without throughout life. 

If you want to get to the bottom of your struggles and find freedom whatever is holding you hostage, you’re just a few courageous steps away. 

•  The “Done with Stuck Roadmap” ↗️
•  Roadmap Coaching Options ↗️


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