Grief Certified Counselor.

Anne Marsland

Licensed Clinical Social Worker
Work 207 West Millbrook Road, Suite 100 Raleigh NC 27604 United States Work Phone: 984-213-8419 Website: Anne Marsland, LCSW, PLLC

Professional Certifications and Licenses

I am a licensed clinical social worker in the state of North Carolina.  I am a Certified Grief Educator and Certified Wild Writing Teacher.

Services Offered

I offer a safe, accepting and nurturing setting for exploring the complexity of emotions, changes and challenges that often arise in the face of major life transitions, loss and grief.  It would be my honor to support you in exploring the layers of your loss, finding your footing again, and restoring your hope for a meaningful future.

I was drawn to grief work after the death of mother from cancer when I was seventeen, and the ensuing desire to more deeply understand and make meaning out of my experience of loss.  I approach grief not as a problem to be solved, but rather, as a natural, human response to loss, and, as writer Jane Brody describes, “a process to be tended and lived through, in whatever form and however long it may take.”  When we are deeply grieving, it can feel as if the rest of the world is carrying on as normal around us, while our personal world has been shattered and turned upside down.  My personal and professional experiences heighten my sensitivity to the complexity of feelings and challenges that often surface when we are grieving significant losses and facing major changes in our lives.

I offer individual grief counseling and support to individuals ages 18 and older.  Services are available both in-person or via a HIPAA compliant telehealth platform.  I also facilitate online therapeutic “writing through grief” groups.






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207 West Millbrook Road, Suite 100 Raleigh NC 27604 United States

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