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Susie Pitts

Work West Linn OR 97068 United States Work Phone: 503.730.6700 Website:

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Susie Pitts, CMA, CGE Grief, Loss, Anxiety & Depression At the Center for Hope and Healing, Susie provides a safe environment where you can discover powerful support and tools for managing significant challenges in life. If you are feeling paralyzed, fearful, depressed, experiencing relationship problems, or burdened by grief from recent or old losses, Susie can help you feel back in control of your world.

Susie Pitts, CMA, CGE is a grief and loss practitioner who has dedicated her life to being present to those that are suffering from grief and loss and the hangover of anxiety and depression. “After 26 years of working in the hospice care industry, I have learned there are no time limits to this thing we call grief. Finding balance with your fears, resentments, and the memory of our loved ones can help us find the peace we seek”. Susie will walk with you on your grief path, listen to understand and witness your pain so you can express your feelings and release burdens of guilt, freeing yourself from old wounds to eventually integrate pain with love so you can find meaning in your life. Susie will provide mindful techniques like breathwork, meditation, gratitude markers, journal exercises, and other self-care methods that can help restore balance to your life. It is not that time heals our wounds; rather, it is what happens OVER time that helps to heal us. Susie offers a brief complimentary consult call to discuss your needs and to ensure we are a good fit for you. Susie works with adults only and cannot prescribe medications. Let’s chat about how you want your life to look and feel…then get there.

In addition to individual counseling, she also offers support groups that can be highly effective for creating new connections, learning about mindfulness, and creating a productive, fulfilling, peaceful, loving life.

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