Grief Certified Peer-to-Peer.

Lorraine Nylund

Grief Educator, Family Addiction Support
Work Oliver BC V0H1T5 Canada Website:

Professional Certifications and Licenses

Certified Grief Educator

Certified Intuitive Coach & Mediation Teacher, IFT®

IFT® Clinical Hypnotherapist


Services Offered

Navigating our way through the addiction maze is like wandering alone through a desert with no water.  It consumes us as it sucks the life right out of us—drains us of our time, our energy, our mental health, and quite possibly, our very lives. Even if we’re not the person with the addiction…an addiction can kill us.

Restoring our lives will come when we find the courage to face and identify our pain.  Yes, the same pain that is tearing our hearts to pieces.

Each one of us has a choice:  live our lives in anger and bitterness or simply, trust ourselves enough that we’ll guide our way through the maze. is a program that supports you, the family members of a person struggling with addiction.  Whether that person is in active addiction, in recovery or has passed. Through one-on-one peer sessions, courses, circles, or hypnotherapy,  you to use your own wisdom to find peace and redefine your relationship with your loved one.

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