Grief Certified Peer-to-Peer.

Ms Louise Murphy

Work Wollongong NSW 2500 Australia

Professional Certifications and Licenses

I am a Registered Nurse (Nurse Practitioner) and have worked in drug and alcohol and mental health services, acute hospital and outpatient settings providing compassionate care to people who are struggling or distressed through illness, pain and loss.

I am also a volunteer emergency first responder and founded a not for profit charity, namely the Australian First Responder Foundation. I deliver mental health and wellbeing weekend retreats to first responders to help people cope with struggle and trauma.

I have completed many studies over the years including  stress, trauma, health and wellbeing, kindness and compassion, meaning and purpose and clinical supervision.

I  am experienced in faciliating group work and also  providing individual support – this is done by  creating  a safe nurturing space.

I adopt the approach that I am not the “Sage on the Stage” (i.e. expert ) but rather “Guide on the Side” (a peer who understands)

Services Offered

I provide compassionate peer to peer support to adults who are experiencing grief and loss associated with life transitions (for example retirement, ill health and illness, employment, relationships, death).

I understand the difficulties and struggles of losing parents and as a Registered Nurse and emergency first responder, I  have sat with many people in sadness, distress and pain.



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