Grief Certified Coach.

Rev. Aracelis Vázquez Haye

Certified Grief Educator | Certified Life Coach | Ordained Minister
Work Waterford CT United States Work Phone: 4015880900

Professional Certifications and Licenses

I offer:

~ one on one grief support for adults, teens, and children

~Group Grief Support for adults, teens, and children

~ crafting personal and community ritual

~ workshops on creativity and grieving

~ other…


Training & Certificates:

~Grief Educator – David Kessler

~Certified Life Coach

~Ordained Minister with the American Baptist Churches USA

~CPE 1-unit




Services Offered

I am a widow, mom, educator, and minister. I spent my career serving college students as an administrator and college chaplain. I have also served the local church as an Associate Pastor. 

My journey is deeply anchored in the belief that faith is a powerful force that can guide us through the most challenging moments of grief. As a devoted servant, and widow with young children, I have committed myself to intertwining the principles of faith with the journey of healing, recognizing that spiritual strength is a cornerstone for resilience.

Community-Centric Approach: Driven by the understanding that healing is most effective when tailored to the specific needs of the community. By weaving faith into the fabric of our collective journey, we create spaces where individuals can find strength in their spiritual beliefs, fostering a sense of unity, support, and shared purpose.

Creative Sanctuaries of Healing: By infusing creativity into the fabric of grief support, I aim to foster spaces where individuals can express their pain, hopes, and gratitude through art, music, and storytelling. These creative sanctuaries become places of solace where faith is not just a concept but a living, breathing force that nurtures and uplifts.

Join me on this sacred journey where faith, community, and creativity can companion grief, collaboratively constructing sanctuaries of healing and spiritual renewal.

Walking Together,

Rev. Aracelis V. Haye 

Servant Leader | Creative Healing & Grief Advocate | Community Builder

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