Grief Certified Coach.

Melissa Bowers

Certified Grief Educator & Bereaved Mother. Meditation & Movement Teacher. Wellbeing Mentor.
Work Toronto ON Canada Website: Courage My Heart

Professional Certifications and Licenses

Certified Grief Educator
Cognitive Behavioural Coach-Mentor
Classical Pilates Teacher – registered with Power Pilates
Yoga Alliance Continuing Education Provider (YACEP)
Yin Yoga Teacher – Yoga Alliance Certification
Yoga Teacher (E-RYT 200) – registered with Yoga Alliance
Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) Facilitator
Meditation Teacher – Canadian Yoga Alliance Certification
Certified Training & Development Professional (CTDP)

Services Offered

Melissa Bowers is the founder of Courage My Heart and creator of the HeartCompass Method. Melissa is a meditation & movement teacher (Yin Yoga + Pilates) and grief educator supporting you to heal your heart and honour your grief with mindfulness and self-compassion practices. Connect your mind~body~heart through breathwork, meditation-infused movement, and mindfulness.

As a bereaved mother, her yoga and teaching is rooted in the belief that breathing is life changing. It is in our darkest moments that we really need to be still, listen, and breathe with intention. Our breath deepens our mind~body~spirit connection which opens us to the healing inner wisdom of our heart.

Breathe with your whole heart ♡

My grief journey …

I know that when you lose someone you love, your life suddenly changes forever.

We are left alone, struggling, and feeling completely broken.

Even when surrounded by well intentioned family and friends, it’s important to feel heard, to be supported, and to really connect with someone who understands, so we are comfortable sharing our deepest pain.

Nothing could prepare me for the death of my beautiful 22 year-old daughter Natasha.

My life work is dedicated in honour of her 

Read more about my grief journey …

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