Grief Certified Coach.

Mike Bernhardt

Work Moraga CA 94556 United States Website: Website

Professional Certifications and Licenses

Certified Facilitator, “Poetry as a Tool of Wellness.”

Certified Grief Educator #105336, David Kessler and

Services Offered

I am the editor of “Voices of the Grieving Heart,” an anthology of poetry, short essays, and artwork contributed by 83 people whose loved ones died. You can order the book from your favorite bookstore, or you can buy it from Amazon.

Poetry has a unique ability, even more than journaling, to help the bereaved feel witnessed. So often, we who are grieving the death of a loved one lack the words to describe what we are feeling and experiencing. In reading poetry by others, we can find ourselves in others’ experience. Their words give voice to our pain when we are unable to find our own words.

Writing poetry–perhaps with support at first– allows us to create a mirror on the page in which we can more clearly see ourselves and clarify what we are feeling.

I offer two different workshops:

1. Educate professionals who work with the grieving on how to integrate the use of poetry into their practice.

2. Work directly with a group of individuals, providing exercises and facilitation t help them begin the practice of writing poetry to express themselves without the strictures of normal writing or even journaling.

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Moraga CA 94556 United States

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