Grief Certified Peer-to-Peer.

Jillian Lydell

Certified Professional Trauma-Informed Coach & Grief Educator
Work Minneapolis MN 55405 United StatesWork United States Work Phone: 7636391183 Website: Cultivating Joy, LLC

Professional Certifications and Licenses

Associate Certified Coach – International Coaching Federation

Certified Professional Coach – Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching

Trauma Informed Coach – Moving the Human Spirit

Divorce & Divorce Recovery Coach – Certified Divorce Coaching

Certified Grief Educator – David Kessler


Services Offered

Trauma, Divorce, Loss, and Grief are roads best traveled together.

I walk alongside my clients through the first painful steps of healing from trauma, the all consuming emotional rollercoaster of divorce, and the emptiness of loss and grief. Together we reflect on the imprint of the past, navigate the next steps, learn new responses, discover possibilities, reclaim your power, and reignite hope.

I believe it’s possible to cultivate joy through life’s toughest chapters. You can emerge on the other side with resilience, strength, and the energy to write the best next chapter of your life.

Let’s do this work together. I’ve been where you are and have hope for your life to be the life you dream it to be – full of purpose, clarity, and JOY. You can do this. I can help.

I work 1:1 with clients via Zoom or Google Meet.

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