Grief Certified Peer-to-Peer.

Katerina Getchell

Integrative Living & Dying
Work Boulder CO 80304 United States Work Phone: 303-630-9368 Website: Integrative Living & Dying

Professional Certifications and Licenses

Certified Grief Educator (David Kessler)
Therapeutic Touch Practitioner
Holistic Life Coach
Sleep Science Coach
Food Psychology Coach
Stress Management Coach

Services Offered

While I offer grief support for all types of loss, my focus is fellow bereaved parents of suicide loss. My passion is addressing the neurobiology of grief and trauma. I offer individual and group sessions, both in-person and online.

In my practice I support people in integrating their physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual bodies into an experience of wholeness from birth to death and especially after they’ve experienced the death of a loved one.

While I draw upon all my education and training it’s my lifetime of personal experience that allows me to support another’s loss with great empathy. I have experienced many types of traumas and losses including natural disasters, a local mass shooting, divorce, bankruptcy, a life-threatening health diagnosis, deaths of both parents, grandparents, all extended family, former husband, former in-laws, as well multiple dear friends. However, the most traumatic loss was finding my beloved son deceased by suicide at age twenty. He was my only child, and his death not only broke my heart but shattered my entire reality. The trauma of finding him left me incapacitated with an ETBI. (Emotional Traumatic Brain Injury)

I recovered from these traumatic losses and the ETBI by using an integrative approach combining standard and alternative medicine to address both the grief and trauma on all levels. In time, my deceased loved ones became integrated into my heart as a constant presence, and I experience a sense of wholeness greater than before their deaths.

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