Grief Certified Coach.

Terri Lynda Williams

Executive and Leadership Coach specializing in EQ, vertical development, grief and loss, and intergenerational issues.
Work Chantilly VA 20153 United States Work Phone: 5712621927

Professional Certifications and Licenses

Professional Coaching
1. Certified Senior Level Practitioner, European Mentoring and Coaching Council 2023 – present
2. Certified Professional Certified Coach (PCC), International Coaching Federation (ICF) 2019 – present
3. Certified Professional Certified Diversity Coach (CDPC) by CoachDiversity Institute 2019 – present

4. Certified Vertical Leadership Development, Practitioner, McLean, Harvard Medical School
5. Teaching Hospital 2023 – present
6. Certified Vertical Leadership Development, Global Leadership Associates, Practitioner 2023 – present
7. Certified Red Team Coaching™, Red Team Thinking Practitioner Level 2023 – present
8. Certified Grief Educator, research by David Kessler 2023 – present
9. Certified Grief Recovery Method™, Grief Recovery Institute 2023 – present
10. Certified Conversational Intelligence™ Level II Trust Changes Reality, Creating WE Institute 2021 – present
11. Certified Conversational Intelligence™ Level I Foundations 2020 – present
12. Certified Emotional Intelligence Facilitator (EQ-i 2.0 and 360) 2019 – present
13. Certified Dare to Lead™ Facilitator (CDTLF) based on research by Dr. Brene Brown
14. (courage building skills: vulnerability, values, trust, and resilience) 2019 – present
15. Certified The Outward Mindset™ Facilitator by The Arbinger Institute 2020 – present
16. Certified The Outward Leadership™ Facilitator by The Arbinger Institute 2018 – present
17. Certified Fascinate (Branding) Facilitator by Fascinate™ 2018 – present
18. Certified Leadership Architect™ Facilitator by Korn Ferry (KFLA) 2017 – present
19. Certified Cultural Intelligence (CQ) Facilitator by Cultural Intelligence Center 2015 – present
20. Certified Unconscious Bias, Facilitator by Cultural Intelligence Center 2015 – present
21. Certified Generational Diversity Facilitator by Bridgeworks 2009 – present
22. Certified Lean Six Sigma by Six Sigma Academy (Champion, Green Belt and Black Belt) 2007 – present


Services Offered

1. Grief Coaching and Recovery: Using David Kessler’s and John James’ methodologies, this service provides comprehensive support for leaders facing personal or professional loss, facilitating the grief processing journey and guiding them towards recovery. It ensures leaders regain their effectiveness and resilience amidst personal adversity.

2. Women’s Leadership Coaching: Empower and equip women with the necessary skills, mindset, and strategies to rise as leaders in their respective fields.

3. Multi-Cultural Leadership Coaching: Enhance the ability of leaders to effectively work across cultural boundaries, fostering a more inclusive, diverse, and productive work environment.

4. Executive and Leadership Presence Coaching: Develop a compelling executive presence that inspires confidence and trust in others, ensuring your actions align with your words and values.

5. Generational Diversity Coaching: Navigate the challenges and opportunities of managing diverse age groups in the workplace, facilitating mutual understanding and collaboration.

6. Vulnerability Coaching: Encourage embracing vulnerability as a strength, facilitating deeper connections, and fostering innovation and adaptability in leadership.

7. Values Coaching: Assist leaders in identifying and aligning personal and organizational values to foster a positive and coherent work culture.

8. Trust Coaching: Build and maintain trust within teams and organizations, improving relationships and overall performance.

9. Resilience Coaching: Equip leaders with tools to withstand and recover from challenges, fostering resilience that underpins sustainable performance and wellbeing.

10. Dare to Lead Coaching: Based on Dr. Brené Brown’s research, this service guides leaders through courage-building, empathy cultivation, and embracing vulnerability for wholehearted leadership.

11. Vertical Leadership Development Coaching: This coaching helps leaders evolve their thinking complexity and consciousness level to match today’s increasingly complex work environment, promoting growth not just in skills and knowledge, but in perspective, values, and worldview.

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